How to Make A Marriage Work

“How do I save my marriage?” is the biggest question asked by most couples today. Not only does it take two to tango but also to save a marriage. Couples facing marital problems need total commitment in order to save their marriage. It naturally sounds like a losing battle if one spouse strives to make changes in the marriage without the involvement of the other party. Seeking marital counseling from a reputable counselor is the first option every couple should consider trying. However, those who cannot afford the services of a professional counselor can learn how to make a marriage work by trying out some common sense things that will definitely enhance their marriage. Some of the factors to consider are described below.

The Expectations You Take into Your Marriage

The expectations of your marriage determine whether your marriage will survive or not. Most people get disappointed when they get into marriage with the expectation that everything will work perfectly well. Regardless of the love between the couples in a marriage, ups and downs must always occur. Couples should not consider marriage as a vehicle for happiness. Marriage does not eliminate any worries and problems you have experienced in the past. Expect mistakes to occur and be ready to work upwards to save your marriage. Avoid getting into marriage if you cannot deal with the challenges that come up.

How to Make A Marriage Work

Communication is key.

Have Good Communication Skills

For marriage to work, the couples must have good communication skills. Communication entails further than the ability to talk to each other. Each party must be able to listen to the other and try to view things from a similar perspective. It also entails the willingness to speak and hear the truth. Couples with good communication skills have an opportunity to say what they think without the fear for repercussion. Spouses should be ready to listen to negative aspects that will enhance their marriage.

Learn How to Compromise

You will need to make adjustments on what is right and wrong with regard to your conscience. This will guide you in committing yourself to your marriage as well as compromising on how your spouse handles some issues. Compromising is the hardest thing for most couples to deal with. Some of the issues that interfere with the peace of a marriage include the need to be always right, to prove an important point or to give in during an argument. Compromise allows couples to find a suitable middle ground that will guide them in solving their differences through mutual concession.

Commitment Makes Your Marriage Work

Love fades. Commitment stands still.

Understand the Meaning of A Commitment Before Going into Marriage

Marriage entails love and plans for the future. Couples commit to each other that their love will remain intact forever towards the unknown future. Such false expectations of a happy future can be heart-breaking whenever they come down unexpectedly. According to research statistics, a good number of couples run away from their marriage once they realize things are no longer working as expected initially. Commitment will protect you from running away from marriage whenever you face challenges.

Marriage can only work if couples avoid getting into it with unreasonable expectations. The willingness to talk and listen honestly as well as compromising will guide you in understanding each other better and living together for a long period of time.


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