Does Marriage Counseling Work?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he biggest question by most couples rotates on how to make a marriage work with the help of a counselor. Marriage counseling can work depending on several factors. Such factors include the willingness of the couple to change, the depth of their marital problems and their ability to respond to the techniques provided by their therapist. Marriage counseling may work for one couple but can relatively worsen another. Statistics serve as a guiding principle in determining whether marriage counseling really works. Below are guiding statistics that will help both new and experienced couples in deciding whether marriage counseling is favorable for their situation.

High Rate of Satisfaction Among Patients

Research by American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists indicates that most families and couples who have gone for therapy sessions have expressed a high rate of satisfaction. A good percentage of those surveyed reported to have received excellent therapy sessions. Over 97 percent of the people surveyed also reported to have received the help they needed. According to the report, therapy sessions provided couples with effective tools to deal with upcoming problems. Additionally, couples also expressed improved physical health and performed better at work.

Does Mariage Counseling Work?
High satisfaction rate

It Requires Less Time than Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is preferred whenever one of the partners in a marriage is not willing to attend therapy sessions. However, statistics indicate the capability of family therapy to yield wonderful results as compared to individual therapy. Marriage counseling allows the couple to train on their group dynamics in order to succeed faster. Couples can actually spend less money getting counseling together rather than seeking individual help.

Licensed Family and Marriage Therapist vs. Psychologist or Psychiatrist

The major challenges with therapy sessions include money and stress among other things. Such extra requirements can always burden up the bill making it overwhelming to some couples. You can make your bills much cheaper by using your insurance. If your license does not cover such provisions, you can seek help from professionals with reasonable rates. Marriage or family therapists are preferably cheaper as compared to a psychiatrist and psychologist.

Does Marriage Counseling Work?
Licensed family therapist can save you money

Marriage Counseling Can Cause Divorce

People seek marriage counseling with the aim of saving their marriages. In most cases, marriage counseling convinces the couple that their marriage is unhealthy and that they need to end their relationship. According to research, close to quarter of the couples who seek marriage counseling have worse marriages a few years later. In fact, most of them end up divorcing.

Emotionally Focused Therapy Works a Great Deal

A broken relationship can never be fixed with a magic formula. However, most therapists have reported incredible success while employing Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT helps couples in understanding and reorganizing their emotional responses towards different issues. The emotional cycles help couples in understanding each other in a better manner and creating new and better cycles of interaction. Over 90% of couples who have used EFT have recorded significant improvements.

Seek Therapy As Soon As Possible

Waiting too far can always escalate the level of the problem. Additionally, waiting too far can make one or all of the parties to give up with their marriage. Saving relationships at their late stages of disagreement can always be difficult to deal with. Apart from seeking therapy early, young couples should consider going for premarital counseling.

Marriage counseling works or not?
Don’t wait. You compete with time.

Degrees Do Not Matter at Times

According to research, the level of education attained by your marriage therapist does not dictate how successful your problems will be solved. It is advisable to choose your therapist depending on your instincts. Move quickly, schedule a session and get the best help.

Marriage and Divorce Statistics Could Undermine Your Marriage Too

Most people do believe that a greater percentage of marriages end up with a divorce. Couples should consider the negative effect of statistics on their marriage before quitting too quickly.

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